Hoe kan je soms beter de impact van een project begrijpen, door te luisteren naar de mensen die hiervan de impact ervaren? Op deze pagina willen we je graag meenemen in de ervaringen van Rachel, Yvette en Freddy. We hopen dat dit helpt om een beter inzicht te krijgen in hoe we zelfs al met een klein bedrag een groot verschil kunnen maken!


One of the teachings was about the different characters of animals. I was like a Rhino; nobody could say anything to me. Through the teachings, I learned how to collaborate, and I became like a Teddy. I am a widow two times, I have 7 children: 2 daughters and 5 boys. I have been suffering through the families of my children. I decided never to visit their families. But through the teachings, it was something that came from the Lord. I have decided to go to their families. I wish that it does not end here, to other territories. 


My name is Yvette, and I am a teacher. What you have brought to us is big. Before the training I did not know how to manage conflicts. Now I know how to manage conflicts. Two lessens helped me a lot: the one about the animals characters and the one about the 2 kilometers, about going the extra mile. During another training the facilitator asked us to look each other in the eyes. It made me realize that I see myself in the other one´s eyes; I saw someone like me. Therefore I learned that the other one is my brother or sister. 


It’s my first time to stand in front of people. One day I was arrested by the army of the government. The soldiers came and picked people by force. And while they were driving me in their car, me and some other guys were tortured by them. I was burned with cigarettes by soldiers. I was in shock: how could this happen to me? I didn’t do anything but I here I was tortured and taken to jail. After I was released from prison I thought: I will join Codeco, to take revenge. I was invited to participate in the peace building project, and there I realized that I cannot join the rebel group. I decided to leave my plans for revenge. I’d better continue to spread the good news, because of the teachings.